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By August 26, 2010 December 26th, 2010 Little Big Acts

Out of office replies. You got to hate them.
They have to communicate an unpleasant message: the person you want to reach isn’t available at the moment. Even worse, most people don’t seem to bother to smoothen this message or even turn this message into something remarkable or even better, something that is worth sharing.
It’s pretty easy exceeding expectations in out of office replies, while most of them are plain rude and unpersonal.

At Boondoggle, we tried to turn this dreadfull message into something remarkable. Judge for yourself.

Tom‘s take:

At this moment, I’m somewhere in the Flemish Ardennes region specializing in the noble art of surviving in the big Nothing. In this overconnected world this art is bound to get lost. That’s why I’m committed to gather knowledge on this art, to make sure our spouse will enjoy it as well and will never ask us “Daddy, what are holidays?”.

I will be back august 2nd. You will recognize me by the smile on my face.

My own out of office reply:

I am deeply impressed by Jim Stolze’s Virtual Happiness Project, his month without internet (more at http://www.virtualhappiness.org/2009/02/ted-university/).
So impressed that I will try it myself for one week. By chance, this week coincides with my holidays.

Until the 9th of August, you won’t find me twittering on http://twitter.com/polledemaagt, nor adding Boondoggle memes at http://lexicon.boondoggle.nl. Even more, I won’t read this email. For Virtual Happiness’ sake that is.

When you need someone that builds business for brands by being remarkable in the meantime, try Astrid Groenewegen at astrid.groenewegen@boondoggle.eu / @astridgr. She is pretty epic.

Please help make the out-of-office-osphere a better place.

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