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A tribute to my colleagues and clients*

I think awards are extremely important. Because they’re a great instrument of change. Because they’re a great reason for a party. Because they give you a 5 second time frame to reflect on all blood, sweat and tears. Because some clients still think awards are important. And most importantly, because it’s the easiest way to prove my mom that not finishing university wasn’t such a bad idea.

Awards are won by clients. And awards are won by teams.
So this is a tribute to these clients and these teams.

Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions Awards, the annual celebration of remarkable global advertising cases. In 2011, we received 6 Cannes Lion Shortlists (Nike & KLM) and 1 Bronze Cannes PR Lion (KLM).


The Dutch awards for digital excellence. In 2010/2011, we became Agency of the Year (SpinAwards) and won 1 Golden SpinAward (KLM) and 2 Silver SpinAwards (Nike & KLM).

Webby Awards

The global fest of digital epicness. In 2011, we received 3 Webby Nominations (People’s Choice) and won 1 Webby Award (Nike).

… and 5 ADCN Nominations (Nike & KLM), Contagious Magazine Best 100 Campaigns.

*Nope, the picture isn’t mine. It’s the pile of awards my former employer Boondoggle collected in 2009. Pretty impressive huh?! By the way, they proved they don’t take these awards too seriously with their Yellow Copper Lions spoof.