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Some cases just make you jealous. Because they prove it's about acts, not ads. Or they embody my belief that brands should create stuff worth sharing.

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Droog let’s you try their awesome design stuff it in ‘Droog for rent’

by Polle on May 8, 2012

Not sure if you want to buy that cool Droog design stuff? Try it before you buy it. Droog re-designed a studio and a flat for 2 in Gent, all fully equipped with Droog products.

Droog might be my favorite design agency. Ever. Not only because their products are just breathtaking, their philosophy that also brought us UP (economic model that brings leftovers back into circulation) and DroogLab should be an example for many many companies. And now they launched a new concept, Droog for rent.

Try it before you buy it.

It’s a smart combination of ‘try before you buy’, popup store, bed & breakfast and a simple product trial. A great experience and easy to turn this conversation-worthy into social objects and massive PR. Or, as they put it:

In the historical centre of Gent Droog and Sofie Lachaert have launched Droog for Rent. Upstairs from the Sofie Lachaert Gallery, Droog re-designed a studio and a flat for 2 in which you can find a “restaurant”, “lobby”, “gym” and a “library” all fully equipped with Droog products.

Droog for Rent offers you a unique opportunity to try and buy not only brand new products but it also gives you the chance to experience Droog’s top design pieces – icons of the 21st Century – as long as you wish for.

Rent includes wireless internet, coffee/tea, towels, fine linen designer bed sheets, welcome drinks and Belgian chocolates and … the design objects (duhhh).

Smart brands commit acts, not ads. Make it tangible, make people experience. I think this is a really neat example.

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