Best practices: cases that go a long way towards #worlddomination

Some cases just make you jealous. Because they prove it's about acts, not ads. Or they embody my belief that brands should create stuff worth sharing.

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Two weeks ago, Akzo Nobel launched a movie as a tribute to their parting CEO Hans Wijers. A recipe for disaster, but it was actually really really funny and well-executed. But Akzo’s unlikely (?) success on social media goes way beyond that. Last year’s Let’s colour campaign might as well be one of my favorite […]


I wrote about the Hivos piece-of-tape-to-save-energy-experiment earlier. The experiment is part of a broader effort by Hivos to enrich society with small ideas that help to save energy, the Seduction project. The basic idea is simple: ask someone to do something and he/she won’t do it. Leverage the power of nudges, small ideas that seduce […]