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Feel free to contact me at polle@polledemaagt.com or, directly, on my mobile +32 491626220 for any press enquiries.

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Polle is an independent digital / social media consultant based in Ghent, Belgium. He tries to change companies to be more about acts and less about ads. Because he believes companies have a lot of unused potential. Because he believes that the most succesfull companies connect with their consumers. And because he believes it isn’t about remarkable talks, but about remarkable acts.
Last year, Polle worked at InSites Consulting, a remarkable marketing research agency in Ghent, Rotterdam and London. Before that, he worked as a freelance social media consultant and, later, strategic planner and creative technologist at advertising agency Boondoggle in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium). Over the last 8 years, he has worked on brand strategies and digital campaigns for KLM, Rabobank, Nike, ING, Randstad, Philips and Danone.
Apart from that, he is a recognized social media and conversations expert and a regular keynote speaker on various European conferences and events.

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