I love to hear myself talk. So says my girlfriend.

About changing companies to become less about acts and more about ads.
About the return on social media (and how social media sucks). About the future of brands and advertising. Personal branding. Putting your customer first. Using the unused potential of your organization. About using small steps to change your company from within.

Over the last couple of years I did over 200 presentations with an average speaker rating of 86%.

Amongst my commercial clients are companies like Philips, KLM, Nike, SAP, Accenture, Unilever, Danone, Vodafone and VRT.

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There’s a range of subjects I tend to address during my talks. Here are some examples.

Smart Projects

A 101 guide to World Domination.

The 15 things I learned so far. While working for trendwatching agency Trendwolves, advertising agency Boondoggle and marketing research and consulting agency InSites Consulting.

Acts, not ads.

Acts, not ads.

Consumer expectations have changed. They expect more, faster, better and with better customer service. And when they don’t get it, they will complain. Offline but, more and more, online. Companies struggle to keep up with these new and changed levels of expectations. The only answer? Acts, not ads. Away from advertising and remarkable talks, towards really doing stuff. And that isn’t easy that requires to change companies.