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Last year, I worked as a Marketing Consultant at InSites Consulting, a remarkable marketing research agency in Ghent, Rotterdam and London.

Back in 1997, the Internet was still a strange country populated only by geeks and IT-nerds. At the time, traditional research agencies thought this new medium was just a lot of hype and something their clients wouldn’t be interested in.

But in Ghent, four marketing experts had a different view. Tim, Joeri, Niels & Kristof believed the Internet would soon powerfully influence the way people communicate, shop, travel, work and read. Already friends, they came together as business partners to create a little research company called InSites Consulting.

In the early years, InSites Consulting helped marketers who were not afraid to experiment with the new medium (those who had built websites, for instance). They provided research insights (hence the name) to guide them through the difficult process of developing and choosing the right online applications and then putting them on the market.

Over the past ten years, much has changed. InSites Consulting has evolved from a cutting-edge internet research company into a full-service marketing consultancy doing business with the best known brands all over the world.


Projects at InSites Consulting Gent / Rotterdam / London

In our quest to make companies more consumer connected, we worked for -amongst others- Unilever, Danone, Puratos, Transavia, KLM and Telenet. I usually worked as a marketing / conversations consultant on these projects. Furthermore, we developed some useful models and frameworks to help companies implement consumer centricity. Some examples:

Telenet Yelo


Telenet provides cable television, high speed internet and telecom services, primarily to residential customers in Flanders and Brussels. From beta launching products to really implementing consumer connectivity.

Project KPIs

Defining the right success KPIs for your projects

Try not only to achive your intrinic goals, but force yourself to define extra learning and change management KPIs.