Nike Football: Be Me

Client: Boondoggle Amsterdam for Nike
What? Social media campaign
Tasks: Strategic planner, creative technology

Nike Football+ gives players access to the training insights of the world’s top players, teams and coaches.
Nike wants to help young talented football players to make the difference. Young dutch players are challenged in four different ways to proof they have the mentality and game insights that makes Sneijder a world class player. In the end, eight players will fly to Milan and train with Sneijder himself.

In this campaign Wesley Sneijder challenged young football players to prove they could fit in his shoes. Sneijder is know for his attitude, but also for his enormous talent. Was that the same for the youngsters? Are they worth their attitude? Or were they all talk and no walk? So, Sneijder actually tested youngsters on a few of his football skills. We did this online on the social media platform Hyves. The break through was that we did not launch just another game on Hyves, but we used Hyves itself as the game environment. The Be Me Challenge was an immersive game that was able to intrigue youngsters for three weeks by having them to fulfil challenges at unexpected times and places. By completing the challenges they could prove whether they were worth training with Wesley in real life. The game was played massively, but only 8 could win. And they were indeed flown to Milan to have a personal master class by Sneijder.

17,903 youngsters joined the challenge. That’s 45% of the target group in the Netherlands. They spend over 30 hours in the challenge to succeed.

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