Nike Running: Take Mokum

Client: Boondoggle Amsterdam for Nike
What? Social media campaign
Tasks: Creative technology

This campaign had to make running less serious. How better way than distracting youngsters from boring running schedules and challenging them to release their creativity on Amsterdam by using their feet as paint instead? We developed a Facebook app that allowed you to make digital graffiti’s on the map of Amsterdam: a running route new style. By actually running the route and uploading your KMs with Nike+ you could paint your graffiti. At Facebook the graffiti’s where created, shared and liked fanatically. Besides this we created an actual runhouse within spitting distance of Amsterdam most famous urban park. Here we hosted all kinds of events and crazy runs for our members. We used guerilla posters all over town to get attention. The result? Young Amsterdam starting running and Nike’s mission to change running was actually experienced by youngsters.

Well over 9,000 new running members joined, online and offline. 220 graffiti runs were created colored with 1,268 Nike+ kilometers.

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