Kids day planning

Kids day planning
Kids day planning
It isn’t so much of a model, as just a simple day planning, but as it has been so valuable for us during Corona times and as more and more people have asked how we do our kids day planning, I decided to just write it out once and for all.

Planning the day ahead together with the kids makes them partly “owner” of the day and smoothens the way … or better: day. I wrote a separate post on how we engage our kids in filling out the planning.

Kids day planning
Meeting designCreating structure by planning the day with your kidsBollebuik shopThe Experiment outline consists of four elements: on the left side “what we believe” and “to verify that we will” and on the right side how you are going to prove the value of your experiment in “two metrics that matter” and “we were right if”.
For later reference, fill out name(s) and date. This is also a moment to reflect on the day of the week, the date in context.

E.g. Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, the first day of the weekend.
E.g. Today is the 14th of May, granddad is having his birthday in 2 weeks.

Indicate which weather it will be. Often a good moment to start the conversation on what the planning of the day will look like – what clothes will they wear, will we play outside or stay in, will we be doing special activities (e.g. making hot chocolate in winter, setting up a small pool in summer).
The things we’ll have to do that day as a family. The “most important tasks” for the day. This can be cleaning, doing groceries, calling with friends or family, or other things that have to be done today.
Specific things to look forward to for the day. E.g. baking a cake, calling friends, going out.
And, finally, the day planning on an hourly basis. We try and keep the same/similar structure each day for when we’ll have breakfast, lunch, dinner, do school work, go to the local bakery for bread, etcetera.