Learning spiral

Learning spiral

The learning spiral

The Learning Spiral is no rocket science, but a simple 4-step structure that helps you gain insight in how you reflect on and change your behavior; in how you learn. Being conscious of these steps can help to make learning more of a daily practice. For example, it helped me set up a continuous structure to improve my meetings.



Being conscious of the different steps you need to take to turn observations into new habits.

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Learning spiral elements

The Learning Spiral is a continuous spiral of observing, reflecting, turning it into generalised insights and changing your habits. I will illustrate the different steps based on a simple example, better meetings. I have written different posts on being on time for meetings, reflecting on meetings, and shared a 1:1 meeting template and the meeting canvas I will be referring to.

The 4 Learning spiral elements


Take a moment to look back on the events that happened. What did you see, hear, think, and feel? What did it do to you? You can just write this down or use a Simple Empathy Map to note down your observations and reflections.

E.g. I notice I feel unprepared for meetings. I am not sure about what we agreed on to do before every meeting. I feel I am missing things and I feel others feel I am missing things as well.


The next step is about abstracting your observations and reflections: what general insights can you get from your reflections? What are returning elements that you can re-use on a structural basis?

E.g. I guess I need to prepare better for meetings. Maybe I should find a way to take some time at the end of the day to see if I processed all notes I made in the meetings.


The third step is about implementing these insights into your daily practice.

E.g. You could create a 1:1 meeting template on your own. You could carve out 30 minutes at the end of each day to reflect on all your meetings. You could sit down and fill out a meeting canvas to take it even further and make structural changes to how you attend and run meetings.


The final step is about actually doing it. And keep doing it to make it a part of your daily habits. I have a separate category on habit forming.

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