Project KPIs

Project KPIs

Project KPIs

The Project KPIs model tries to acknowledge that doing a project or experiment seldom only is to reach the project core objectives. Often, the project serves to have you learn or help change the organisation for the better. Acknowledging this and planning for this helps to achieve projects goals that are beyond the normal intrinsic performance goals of a project.

E.g. running an experiment with virtual reality might help you achieve new users or earned media attention as an intrinsic KPI, but you might also learn how to innovate faster within your organisation and it also might help pave the way to do more innovative experiments, making it an agent for change.



Setting different KPI dimensions.

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Developed when working at Insites Consulting

Project KPI elements

The project KPI framework therefor has three dimensions: intrinsic, learning and change management KPIs.

The 3 Project KPI elements

Intrinsic KPIs

Every pilot has it’s KPI’s. E.g. The KLM Surprise campaign was built to drive traffic towards the KLM Facebook and Twitter accounts and test the limitations and possibilites of location-based social network Foursquare.

Learning KPIs

What is the exact knowledge we want to gather from this pilot? Do you want to learn about a specific tool? Do you want to benchmark conversion rates? Do you want to test your organization? Be sure to be clear about what you want to learn, this makes it even easier to proof the return on investment on your pilot project.

Change management KPIs

As mentioned before, pilots are great ways to change an organization. Especially when you’re considering to proceed on the probed path, you want to make sure next steps will be supported by several internal stakeholders.

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