Models & frameworks to simplify work and private life

Models are simplified versions of reality. And often that is exactly what you need. A simple way to approach complex problems and challenges. Graphs, structures, frameworks might help make sense of a complex situation. Here I have curated some of my favorite models and frameworks.

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Learning spiral

The Learning Spiral is no rocket science, but a simple 4-step structure that helps you gain insight in…

1:1 meeting template

We’re spending more than 2 years of our lives in meetings and a large part of that in…

Kids day planning

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Experiment outline

If I would get a dime for every time someone runs an experiment without having a clear understanding…

Empathy map

No amount of training or expertise tells us what is going on in users’ heads. We can research,…

Simple Empathy Map

The Simple Empathy Map (pretty much like the “normal” Empathy Map) allows you to quickly sum up and…

Story chapters

When I’m writing a story, speech or presentation, I usually create a simple structure of ‘chapters’ or ‘modules’…

Hot air balloon model

The Hot air balloon and the related exercise of Hot air balloon by Hyper Island is a metaphorical…

Models for workshops and strategy

Models and frameworks can be a useful basis for strategy exercises and to engage your team or organisation when planning for change.

My background in marketing research and consulting, combined with many years of strategy planning for a wide range of international clients over the last 15 years helped me build a solid research and consulting foundation. Much of my open and collaborative style is based on this experience, as well as certified training by IDEOHyper Island and Liberating Structures.

Want to be less about ads and more about acts?

Hi, my name is Polle. I try to use the super powers I have collected working for global brands over the last 15+ years to change companies for the better: acts, not ads.

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Polle de Maagt
Polle de Maagt
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