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Models & Frameworks

Simplified versions of reality.

Models are simplified versions of reality. And often that is exactly what you need. A simple way to approach complex problems and challenges. Graphs, structures, frameworks might help make sense of a complex situation. Here I have curated some of my favorites.

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Meeting canvas

Meeting canvas

The Hyper Island-inspired Meeting canvas is a framework/model that helps you think about the structure of meetings and events. Depending on the context, I might use the full version or a quick sketched version of it to prepare for a full workshop day or sometimes even a 1:1 meeting. What I like most about the structure is that it forces you to think how to open up an audience for your ideas and exercises, what the core content of your session will be and what the closing elements will be to finish the session in a proper way.

The meeting canvas

Hot air balloon

The hot air balloon is a metaphorical method that aims to identify strengths, weaknesses, external forces, stakeholders and goals all in a simple and well-structured process. The exercise is often best done at the start of a session, followed up with deeper, more creative excercises.

The charm is that you’re not relying on another dull matrix (like the SWOT) but actually going through an imaginary journey that engages us to think outside of our typical thought patterns. This will already help to take away some reservations with participants who are dreading another tireless SWOT analysis exercise.

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Hot air balloon in Miro

How I work

My background in marketing research and consulting, combined with many years of strategy planning for a wide range of international clients over the last 15 years helped me build a solid research and consulting foundation. Much of my open and collaborative style is based on this experience, as well as certified training by IDEO, Hyper Island and Liberating Structures.

Models and frameworks can be a useful basis for strategy exercises and to engage your team or organisation when planning for change.

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