Managing Expectations

Doing more than people expect fuels advocacy and retention. Doing less than people expect fuels negative discussions and brand switching. That means that brands shouldn’t only commit to doing more than people expect (for starters: don’t talk about what you’re doing, do stuff). But that also means carefully managing perception; by setting the bar high enough that people want you, but not so high that it’s impossible to exceed expectations.

The general idea:

  • Under-delivery: negative conversations Companies that fail to deliver, bad customer support, failing to understand customers create reasons to talk, in a negative way. No need to get in to detail here.
  • Delivery: no conversations When you merely meet expectations, there simply is nothing to talk about.
  • Over-delivery: positive conversations As soon as you start exceeding expectations interesting things happen. People WILL talk about great service, quick replies, nice out-of-offices and other things they don’t expect.

And consumer expectations change. Over the course of the last year, brands conditioned consumers to expect nothing less than Facebook and twitter care, within 24 hours. So, be aware what consumers expect and do even more to wow them.

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