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Polle de Maagt wave at UBX17 in Munich
Polle de Maagt wave at UBX17 in Munich

Acts, not ads.

✔️92% satisfaction score ✔️15+ years experience ✔️50+ countries
✔️92% satisfaction score ✔️50+ countries

In November 2015, I almost died of a kidney rupture and a lung infection. It was an experience that changed my outlook on life profoundly.  It was time to spend my time more wisely. First of all, I decided to make as many beautiful memories as possible. Secondly, I decided to not accept the horrible status quo of suboptimal relationships between companies and people anymore. Not as a consumer myself and certainly not as a professional. I started doing less meetings and more doings. Less powerpoints, more doing stuff. And even more than before, I obsessed about changing companies to be less about ads and more about acts – for both their customers and their colleagues. Impact is about doing. Start doing more.

If you think I can help, I’d love to hear from you.

Remote meetings don’t have to be boring, messy, long or ineffective. An experienced facilitator can help to have better meetings and brainstorms. And professional remote keynote presentations can make your remote meetings more inspiring. I’m looking forward to hear your story and see where I can help.I was lucky enough to be working for a wide range of international clients over the last 15 years. Much of my style is based on this experience, as well as certified training by IDEO, Hyper Island and Liberating Structures.

My style is characterised as open, fun, professional, collaborative.

Because of the current Corona/COVID-19 challenges, I have expanded my remote offer: remote workshop and brainstorm facilitation and remote keynote presentations.