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How to reach your TOP

Back at my old school, Tilburg University, for a kickoff of the student week for 300 students. Theme of this year’s student introduction week was ‘reach your top‘. Great to share some personal experience in this context – what is your top? How to reach your top? Great to be back!


Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Tilburg University

Tilburg University Master Student introduction week TOP

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Top Week
Top week
About the conference

TOP Week

TOP Week is the introduction week for all new Master students who will be studying at Tilburg University. This week is organized especially for international exchange and degree-seeking students. The aim is to provide new students with an opportunity to get acquainted with Dutch culture, the city, students, study and sports associations, and fellow students, not only from their own study program, but also from other programs at Tilburg University.

For the first time, there was a more serious “seminar” part to the event, where two speakers (Jerre Maas) got to talk about how ideas on how to reach your top.

My session

How to reach your top?

The presentation is divided into four key parts:

  1. A focus on the most valuable asset of all: time. And spending time wisely.
  2. Figure out your top. Your top is highly dependant on what you want and can do.
  3. Getting rid of waste. How to focus and get rid of all elements that stand in between you and your top.
  4. Make the most out of the rest. How to maximise the time you spend.


Some cases highlighted in my presentation

I almost died, this is what I learned.

The story how my near death taught me about creating memories worth sharing.

Random acts of kindness

How some little acts of kindness changed the way I look at advertising campaigns.

How surprise travel works

The remarkable story of, where customers are treated as friends.

How housekeeping makes the difference

The remarkable story of how fluffy toys made one housekeeping lady the best housekeeping lady in the world.

The Mexican Wave

Three … Two … One … GO!

For a couple of years now, I have been doing a Mexican Wave at the starting point of many of my talks, all over the world. Here as well.

More on the WaveOther Mexican Waves


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Thanks @topweek013 for having me for this year’s #kickoff. Ella and Gust will love this one #wave #mexicanwave

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