Taking the ‘remote

out of meetings.

I help turn messy meetings into time well spent through remote facilitation and presentations.

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Better remote meetings

Taking the messiness and boredom out of remote meetings

Remote meetings don’t have to be boring, messy, long or ineffective. An experienced facilitator can help to have better meetings and brainstorms. And professional remote keynote presentations can make your remote meetings more inspiring. I’m looking forward to hear your story and see where I can help.

Remote workshop facilitation

10+ years experience in remote working

Over the last 10 years, I have spent over 200 nights per year working abroad, taking remote meetings and doing remote keynote presentations. I do my quarterly meetings abroad and have done presentations remotely as far as Moshi in Tanzania, New Zealand and … in this picture the amazing city of Koya in Japan. I even have a separate blog about it, omakas.es.

So I might not be a word renowned remote working expert, I have definately found 10.000+ things that don’t work. Feel free to contact me or use some of the resources I’ve collected below.

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Thoughts on remote working

My collected blog posts on remote working over the years.

Idea speed dating

Idea speed dating

A great exercise for remote facilitation.

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Keynote presentations

Some presentations I’ve done over the years.

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Quarterly reviews

How I’ve used remote reviews through the years.

Remote brainstorm

Remote workshop facilitation

How to have better, effective meetings.

Remote workshop facilitation

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