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During one of the many strategic brainstorms we had at Boondoggle Amsterdam (usually referred to as ‘What Makes Strategist Horny’, our strategy equivalent of the What Makes You Horny unconference) the mantra ‘create stuff worth sharing’ popped up. I’m not even sure whether Astrid Groenewegen, Tom de Bruyne or myself came up with the sentence and it doesn’t matter either. It became the mantra of Boondoggle Amsterdam. Create stuff that is cool, fun, impactful and -most importanty- adding value to people’s lives enough to be worth sharing, either online or offline.

The proof came in the cases we did at Boondoggle that year:

KLM Surprise

An experiment worth spreading: KLM Surprise.

“Do something with Foursquare”. That was the briefing KLM took to then Boondoggle Amsterdam. Over the course of three weeks, we surprised KLM passengers with personalised gifts, making KLM Surprise a pretty remarkable social media case.

Nike Take Mokum

A club worth joining: Nike Take Mokum.

How better way than distracting youngsters from boring running schedules and challenging them to release their creativity on Amsterdam by using their feet as paint instead? We developed a Facebook app that allowed you to make digital graffiti’s on the map of Amsterdam: a running route new style. Besides this we created an actual runhouse within spitting distance of Amsterdam most famous urban park. Here we hosted all kinds of events and crazy runs for our members. We used guerilla posters all over town to get attention.

What Makes You Horny

An event worth tweeting about: What Makes You Horny.

The “What Makes You Horny” unconference is Boondoggle and eFactor’s celebration of stuff worth sharing. Every two months they try to figure out what happens when you invite 15 awesome storytellers to present 10 slides with the 10 concepts that inspire them the most.

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