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Since 2010, I have been trying to change companies to be less about ads and more about acts. Two experiences have been pivotal in my thinking – KLM’s surprise campaign that tought me that marketing campaigns are one thing, but that the difference is made in the things you do for your customers every day. And secondly, a near-death experience in 2015 that had me appreciate memorable moments even more.

Over the years that meant I have an great interest in everything technology but above all, how customers and colleagues experience brands and organisations. How can we make people happy? How can we turn one-time-customers into returning advocates? How do colleagues experience their time at the office? How can we improve that?

Acts, not ads.

Brands – like real people – are defined by what they do, not by what they say.

Give a sh*t.

Many customers feel that brands just don’t care about them. It often even feels that try hard to chase their customers away. Why is that? How does that work? And how can we fight it?

The future of customer service

Over the years, companies have become apt at solving the sh*t they created themselves. But truly helping and delighting your customers? That is a completely different story.

Customers are just like real people.

Instead of treating people like … people, the irrational, complex creatures we are, brands often treat people like customers, profiles and personas that can be tracking in funnel and dashboards. Let’s change that.

Building a culture that works.

The saying goes “culture eats strategy or breakfast”. And I guess, we’re all in some way or form looking for better ways to communicate with our teams, colleagues and other partners. Why do some cultures succeed and others fail? On building a culture that works.

Crafting memorable experiences.

Have you ever been looking for a hotel that is so-so? A mediocre restaurant? An insurance company that is “ok, but could be better?”. I guess not. Consumers are looking for experiences that stand out. Here’s to memorable experiences.

‘The Wave’

3, 2, 1 …

When I was getting ready for another conference abroad, I had to promise my -then toddler- daughter Ella to bring her back ‘The Wave’, something she had spotted on YouTube. Ever since, it has been part of my presentations.

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Acts, not ads.

I have 15+ years in changing companies to be less about ads and more about acts. I’d love to hear your story and see how I can help.

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