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Polle de Maagt

Polle de Maagt

Hello. My name is Polle de Maagt and I am an independent digital / social media consultant based in Ghent, Belgium. I try to change companies to be more about acts and less about ads.

A brief history of the people who actually taught me everything

I started working for Belgian trendwatching agency Trendwolves in 2008, where I worked with Maarten Leyts and Tom Palmaerts, two remarkable trendwatchers, to uncover youth trends and youth/consumer insights.

I could not resist the temptation of joining Dutch/Belgian advertising agency Boondoggle in Amsterdam (and Leuven) early 2009. Tom de Bruyne, Gaston Serpenti and Astrid Groenewegen taught me everything there was to know about advertising. They let me work on clients like Rabobank, Nike and KLM.

After moving to Gent, late 2010, I joined InSites Consulting, a pretty remarkable marketing research agency. Not to do research, but to change companies to be more consumer connected, based on extensive research and tested models and frameworks.

And now, the Ministry of World Domination, a pretty humble (?) effort to change companies to be less about ads and more about acts. We do inspiration, coaching and strategy for a range of agencies and clients.

Personal Life

I grew up in Tilburg (The Netherlands) where I spent most of my life figuring out the concept and business model behind carnaval (I still don’t get it). I moved to Amsterdam later to work for Boondoggle. While I was hoping to live the ultimate Amsterdam bachelor life, I was stupid enough to fall in love with a Flemish girl and moved to Ghent late 2010 (where I still live, with her).

I run a decent sub-3h30 marathon (Rotterdam Marathon, 2007) and do a solid sub-10h 80 kilometers (Kennedymars Sittard, 2008).