I change companies to be less about ads and more about acts.

I try to change companies to be more about acts and less about ads. By inspiring them through workshops and presentations. Through coaching. And through strategies and roadmaps. Not for the duration of a campaign. Not because social media is cool. But permanently.

For teams and companies.

01. Inspire and train companies to change.

Over the last 15 years, I have trained and inspired over 35.000 people in more than 50 countries all over the world with an average session rating of 92%.

For Managers And Executives.

02. Create plans and strategies for change.

Many share the ambition to be a better company for their customers. Not all of them succeed. I help you build the plans and strategies to get there.

For Managers And Executives.

03. Communicate change. Engage teams.

Change does not happen overnight. We help you craft the events, stories, presentations, workshops that will engage your company in the change your customers deserve.


My wife thinks I love to hear myself talk. I tend to think others do as well.

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