Speaker. Storyteller. CEO whisperer.

Acts, not ads.

Hi, my name is Polle.

I change companies to be less about ads and more about acts.

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What I do.

Let me help you to speed up your efforts.

I try to change companies to be more about acts and less about ads. By inspiring them through workshops and presentations. Through planning and strategies. And I help support this change through communication and colleague engagement. Not for the duration of a campaign. Not because digital, digital transformation or the gimmick-of-the-day is cool. But permanently.

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For teams
and companies.

Inspire and train to change.

Over the last 15 years, I have trained and inspired over 35.000 people in more than 50 countries all over the world with an average session rating of 92%.

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For managers and executives.

Strategize and plan for change.

Many share the ambition to be a better company for their customers. Not all of them succeed. I help you build the plans and strategies to get there.

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For teams
and companies.

Design and craft change.

Change is built together. We help you craft the workshops, meetings, structures and processes that help be a better company.

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For managers and executives.

Communicate change.

Change does not happen overnight. We help you craft the stories and presentations to communicate the change your customers deserve.

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Some of the companies that worked with me before:


What I think.

Penny for my thoughts.

Sharing my presentations, blogposts, models and tools.

The only way to make an idea better is by sharing it. I love to share my thoughts, ideas, struggles, challenges and smart hacks with the world. Whether it is abour amazing customer happiness cases, presentations or one of my many trips abroad.

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