Acts, not ads.

I help companies change to be
less about ads and more about acts.

✔️92% satisfaction score ✔️15+ years experience ✔️50+ countries

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Need inspiration?

Over 15+ years, I trained and inspired 35.000+ people in 50+ countries with an 92% average satisfaction score.

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Need a plan?

I help you turn your ambition into action: build the plans and strategies to change to be about acts, not ads.

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I'd love to hear your story and help tell it in a clear, compelling way. Because many ideas deserve more attention.

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Better remote meetings

Acts, not ads: Taking the messiness and boredom out of remote meetings

Remote meetings don’t have to be boring, messy, long or ineffective. An experienced facilitator can help to have better meetings and brainstorms. And professional remote keynote presentations can make your remote meetings more inspiring. I’m looking forward to hear your story and see where I can help.

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How I work

I was lucky enough to be working for a wide range of international clients over the last 15 years. Much of my style is based on this experience, as well as certified training by IDEO, Hyper Island and Liberating Structures.

My style is characterised as open, fun, professional, collaborative.

Because of the current Corona/COVID-19 challenges, I have expanded my remote offer: remote workshop and brainstorm facilitation and remote keynote presentations.

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Acts, not ads.

I have 15+ years in changing companies to be less about ads and more about acts. I'd love to hear your story and see how I can help.

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