My name is Polle. I change companies to be more about acts, not ads.

Wave at UBX17
Wave at UBX17

Acts, not ads has been the red thread throughout my career. It was only reinforced by something that happened a few years ago.

In November 2015, I almost died of a kidney rupture and a lung infection. It was an experience that changed my outlook on life profoundly.

First of all, I decided to make as many beautiful memories as possible. By spending more quality time with my family, by exploring the world and by trying to craft wow-experiences for my clients – to have consumers and brands create beautiful memories together.

Secondly, I decided to not accept the horrible status quo of suboptimal relationships between companies and consumers anymore. Not as a consumer myself and certainly not as a professional. I started doing fewer meetings and more doings. Fewer powerpoints, more doing stuff. And even more than before, I obsessed about changing companies to be less about ads and more about acts.

I made a career out of it in which I try to learn about companies and their customers. And try to bridge the gaps between them.
By inspiring the companies to change.
By creating plans and strategies to bring this change into practice.
Through engaging and communicating this within these organizations.
Because I think we can and have to be better. We need to change to be less about ads and more about acts.

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