It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.

I try to expand my toolkit of exercises, models, frameworks, and structures continuously. Here's an overview of the structures I often use in workshops, meetings and sessions, but also in my private life.

Seven tool categories.

What job do you need to get done?

Based on what you would like to achieve, I have categorised the tools I often use. For example, the Mexican Wave I often use to energise crowds is … obviously in the energise crowds section.


Act and do more.

From marketing to make-a-thing. What tools to use to talk less and do more, either as a person or a company.

Tools to act and do more

Design interactions.

Looking for tools or models that help create better interactions or conversations?

Tools to design interactions

Design meetings.

What is the best way to use the knowledge and experience gathered in one room? Often, the answer is not PowerPoint.

Tools to design meetings
Box of hearts

Energise a crowd.

Got a meeting, conference or workshop? Time to get some energy back in the room.

Tools to energise a crowd

Grow your self.

Tools, models, and tricks to be the best version of your self every day.

Tools to grow your self

Grow your team.

Moving from working in a team to working on a team: what are tools and models that will help you grow your team?

Tools to grow your team

Unlock creativity.

Different solutions for existing problems. Sounds simple, but how do you design the right setting to achieve this?

Tools to unlock creativity

Looking for a facilitator?

Or just someone who can do a decent Mexican Wave?