“A presentation about common sense” for Opera Forum London

[slideshare id=7099246&doc=20110305cmoperaforumconversationmanagement-110301025853-phpapp02] I have been a huge fan of operas. Not operas per se, but the magic that surrounds them. Overwhelming locations, great voices, fantastic clothing.

So I was extremely flattered to be able to speak at the Opera Forum in London next weekend, a gathering of all creative people that are involved in opera throughout Europe.

My presentation is a plea for common sense. For not getting distracted by technology and/or social media, but by doing stuff that is worth sharing.

Big brands have big problems when they enter conversations. They are regulated, have strong legal departments and extensive policies.
Cultural organization have several benefits. They are fast, lean, mean, have plenty of stories to tell and are authentic. And there are plenty of cases that prove this.

Thanks to Jourik Migom for helping me collect some interesting cases.

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