The speedboat-approach to implementing social media

Most organisation adopt an oiltanker-approach when it comes to social media: big strategies, big projects, big promises, big investments. But doomed to hit a big iceberg. Rather than failing big, create small wins to create momentum within the organisation.

In short:

  1. Make a senior manager horny. (Example: Daniel Termont, Gent’s mayor)
  2. Small working groups without legacy. (Example: Rabobank)
  3. Launch new concepts below the company radar. (Example: KLM Surprise)
  4. Act small and learn from the results. (Example: Il Giglio d’Oro)
  5. Act with scrum, agile, beta mentality. (Example: The Larrik, London)
  6. More buy-in from your proof points.  (Example: Accenture)
  7. Propel waves of success. (Examples: Delta, Accenture, KLM)

More in the deck below:

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