Boondoggle Agency

Boondoggle Agency.

Boondoggle Agency

I have worked at Boondoggle Agency in Amsterdam and Leuven from July 2009 untill November 2010 when I joined InSites Consulting and after working as a trendwatcher for Trendwolves.

Boondoggle is a pretty remarkable advertising agency in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium). Boondoggle was born in 2007 as a logical next step based on the former digital agency i-merge and with the re-inforcement of its offering with new strategic, creative and design talent.

Digital thinking is an essential part of Boondoggle’s DNA. Partly as a result of its origins, but also inspired by the varied talent in our agency. Digital thinking enables us to build brands beyond the traditional skill of broadcasting a brand’s promise.

We had a blast.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Boondoggle Agency

Projects at Boondoggle Amsterdam / Leuven

In our quest to create stuff worth sharing, we worked for -amongst others- Postbus51, Rabobank, KLM and Nike. The KLM Surprise campaign and Nike Take Mokum / City Graffiti campaign were awarded at the Cannes Lions, Webby Awards and SpinAwards of 2010/2011. I usually worked as a strategist / creative technologist on these projects. Some examples:

KLM Surprise

KLM Surprise: An experiment how happiness spreads

“Do something with Foursquare”. That was the briefing KLM took to then Boondoggle Amsterdam. Over the course of three weeks, we surprised KLM passengers with personalised gifts, making KLM Surprise a pretty remarkable social media case.

Nike Take Mokum

Nike Take Mokum, Nike Take Antwerp, Nike City Graffiti

How better way than distracting youngsters from boring running schedules and challenging them to release their creativity on Amsterdam by using their feet as paint instead? We developed a Facebook app that allowed you to make digital graffiti’s on the map of Amsterdam: a running route new style. Besides this we created an actual runhouse within spitting distance of Amsterdam most famous urban park. Here we hosted all kinds of events and crazy runs for our members. We used guerilla posters all over town to get attention.

Smart projects

Nike Leave Your Mark: Design Denmark’s Nicklas Bendtner new shoe

How do we get NikeiD a brand worth talking about in Denmark? By creating a competition worth participating. And involve’s Denmark’s brightest football star along the way. The campaign was fully integrated in Facebook and asked youngsters to design the new Nike Mercurial Vapor boot for Arsenal’s top shot Nicklas Bendtner. Through Facebook they could ask their peers to vote for their design.

What Makes You Horny

What Makes You Horny: an event worth sharing.

The “What Makes You Horny” unconference is Boondoggle and eFactor’s celebration of stuff worth sharing. Every two months they try to figure out what happens when you invite 15 awesome storytellers to present 10 slides with the 10 concepts that inspire them the most.

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