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Boondoggle Agency.

Boondoggle Agency

I have worked at Boondoggle Agency in Amsterdam and Leuven from July 2009 untill November 2010 when I joined InSites Consulting and after working as a trendwatcher for Trendwolves.

Boondoggle is a pretty remarkable advertising agency in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium). Boondoggle was born in 2007 as a logical next step based on the former digital agency i-merge and with the re-inforcement of its offering with new strategic, creative and design talent.

Digital thinking is an essential part of Boondoggle’s DNA. Partly as a result of its origins, but also inspired by the varied talent in our agency. Digital thinking enables us to build brands beyond the traditional skill of broadcasting a brand’s promise.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Surprise, an experiment how happiness spreads.

Boondoggle Agency

Some of the projects I did at Boondoggle Agency.

What Makes You Horny, an event worth sharing.


Nike Run The City: how we used behavioral design principles to change the way people run.