About Polle

Trendwolves, a remarkable trend watching agency.

Trendwolves is a trend research, strategic marketing and communication agency driven by culture and monitors global youth culture and trends, with a focus on youth and young families.

In 2008 and 2009, I worked for European youth trend watching agency Trendwolves. We did the Youth Trend Report, the legend Youthwatching event and some pretty remarkable projects.

What is hip and happening in Istanbul? What is juking? What do youngsters really think? How can we use mobile to research what youngsters are doing? It was a true honor to work with smart trend watchers and forcasters like Tom Palmaerts, Maarten Leyts, Andrew Vassallo and Filip Lemaitre.

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Some of the Trendwolves projects I worked on:


Trend analysis with youth trend legend Tom Palmaerts.


Some of the Trendwolves projects I worked on.

Trendwolves trend report.