What I do: Create plans and strategies for change

Sorry, I can’t do your social media strategy.

I try to change companies to be more about acts and less about ads. Through strategies and roadmaps. Not for the duration of a campaign. Not because social media is cool. But permanently. And always based on a business problem.

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01. Customer Experience

How your customers experience your organization is the difference with your competitors. I can help with having a clear insight into this and a strategy and plan to improve.

What I do
  • Customer experience insights
  • Customer journey and lifecycle mapping
  • Strategy sessions
  • Strategy documents
  • Implementation plan

02. Digital

Now digital is the new normal, we're looking how we can find the optimal balance between digital and offline experiences.

What I do
  • Digital experience insights
  • Digital journey and lifecycle mapping
  • Digital strategy sessions
  • Digital strategy documents
  • Digital content strategy
  • Digital brand strategy
  • Implementation plan

03. Communication

Building connections with colleagues, clients and customers is so often taken for granted, that it is seldom treated with the right strategic approach.

What I do
  • Brand communications
  • PR strategy
  • Internal communications
  • Overall communications
  • Communication strategy sessions
  • Communication strategy plan
  • Implementation plan

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