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My clients

Over the last couple of years, I worked for a range of clients, as a strategist at Boondoggle Agency, as a consultant at InSites Consulting and, most recently, as an independant consultant.

KLM Surprise


From experiment to social business. “Do something with Foursquare”. That was the briefing KLM took to then Boondoggle Amsterdam. Over the course of three weeks, we surprised KLM passengers with personalised gifts, making KLM Surprise a pretty remarkable social media case. Now, it’s serious business.

Nike Take Mokum


As early as 2007, I worked with the Nike EMEA team in Hilversum to explore the possibilities of social media for the brand. During my time at Boondoggle Amsterdam and Boondoggle Leuven, and, earlier, as a independent consultant, I was involved in several campaigns and explorations.

Telenet Yelo


Telenet provides cable television, high speed internet and telecom services, primarily to residential customers in Flanders and Brussels. From beta launching products to really implementing consumer connectivity.