“Digital native” for Dutch Government Voorlichtingsraad (VoRa)

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Every Dutch ministry has it’s own director of communications that decides on communication policies/strategies and campaigns for that department. Every two months these endbosses of government communication gather to discuss communication trends and development (which is a really good thing). This wednesday, Tom de Bruyne and me were invited to discuss social media (see Tom’s presentation here) and digital nativism.

I pretty much discussed my use of social media (and the return on that). In the process, you might notice some familiar faces: Times Square to Art Square, Lev Kaupas, Your Neighbours, My Name Is E, Young Scum / Jong Tuig, Nalden, Omar Kbiri, Tijs Vrolix, Imke Dielen, Sofie Valkiers, Eline Bochem and Andrew Vassallo.

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