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They’re arguably the worst thing that ever happened to mankind – generic out-of-office replies. Join my fight to get rid of unremarkable out-of-office replies. To help, I’ve collected some great positive exceptions, starting with the one below.

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It is no secret that I have a big love for travel in general (hence my dedicated blog) and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in particular. So when a competitor has a great campaign idea I’m always torn between being super excited as a traveler and professional and jealous that I did not come up with the idea myself. The Qantas Travalogue concept is such a campaign.

Qantas, Australia’s national airline, wanted to find a new way to inspire travel within its increasingly younger audience and tapped into the fact that tips from friends and colleagues are the highest driver for people choosing their next holiday. Qantas saw an opportunity to inspire travel using the one email people are guaranteed to send when they’re on holiday: their out of office reply.

So Qantas launched the Qantas Out of Office Travelogue – The out of office reply powered by your Instagram photos. Using the Qantas Out of Office Travelogue, Instagram photos tagged with #qantasoutofoffice populated a user’s out of office auto-reply email in real time. Recipients would be able to book flights directly from the email as well.

Over the course of the campaign, over 10,000 Out of Office Travelogues were shared, with over 10 million organic social reach and 100 million media impressions online, worldwide, without any media spent.

Great job, guys.

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