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They’re arguably the worst thing that ever happened to mankind – generic out-of-office replies. Join my fight to get rid of unremarkable out-of-office replies. To help, I’ve collected some great positive exceptions, starting with the one below.

Hi there,
As much as you would probably like, I am not going to reply (yet!) to the email that you have sent me just now. I am enjoying a few days off in the Big Apple checking out where he ( and she ( are all talking / singing about.
After that, flying onwards to Atlanta/Georgia to meet nice collegues like Marnix (, Christophe (, Elke ( and Chris ( to talk through and discover new digital marketing intiatives.
One week in the US of A. How inspiring! Back Wednesday afternoon 29th Oct, after which I will reply to all interesting emails sent.
This exclusive out of office reply is brought to you with the sole intention to maximize my #worlddomination points. More on this here:
Cheers, Viktor.
PS. Sorry for pasting in that many bitly’s, but apparently MS Outlook has disabled hyperlinks in out of office replies (or our mail system guy did).

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