Out of office: Polle is training to prevent robots from taking his job (1)

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They’re arguably the worst thing that ever happened to mankind – generic out-of-office replies. Join my fight to get rid of unremarkable out-of-office replies. To help, I’ve collected some great positive exceptions, starting with the one below.

This message is automagically generated.
Hi, my name is RobotPolle.As the *real* Polle will be in a three-day training in Stockholm to delay robots like me taking his job, I will try and answer your frequently asked questions.

OMG please tell me this is not an autoreply.
Thanks for asking. My name is RobotPolle. I will try and answer your frequently asked questions.

Ok, but how is it possible he won’t have access to his phone?!
Thank you for your question. In a final attempt to avoid robots, computers and AI algorithms to take over Polle’s job, he is now in HyperIsland’s Process Design and Facilitation course in Stockholm, Sweden. I think it’s rather cute when people like Polle think his strategies, storylines and powerpoints can’t be replaced by robots like me. Haha. Those stupid humans #worlddomination.

So, when can I expect my strategy/powerpoint/project?
Great question. The *real* Polle will be in training until Friday evening March 8th with very limited access to his phone, WhatsApp and email. After that, he will be fully at your disposal.


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