“A tribute to geeks, nerds, hackers and other young scum” for Bibliotheek Netwerk Brabant

[slideshare id=4577838&doc=bd-bibliotheeknetwerk-100622141636-phpapp01]I was lucky enough to be on stage with one of the people I admire most, Belgium-based trendwatcher Herman Konings. His presentation skills, his skill to come up with catchy neologisms to capture a specific trend or moment in time, his charm and extremely nifty ways to analyze developments in society are really impressive.

But back to the presentation. Setting was a conference by Cubiss, exploring the future of libraries in the Dutch province of Brabant. What should libraries do? What’s the context in which they are operating? What are business models and cases that might be inspiring to future pilots, projects or visions? Here are 13 inisghts and cases that might be f inspiration.

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