“Dans nos prix sont inclus”, no-nonsense service by In ‘t Spinnekopke

Included in our prices
"Dans nos prix sont inclus", no-nonsense service by In 't Spinnekopke
Restaurant In ‘t Spinnekopke in Brussels is abnormal in it’s simplicity. No fancy food. No iPod-enhanced food experiences. Just good food. Prepared with the ultimate care and tradition, but still, just good food.

As the guys at 37signals put it in their masterpiece Rework:

Which part of your equation can’t be removed? If you can continue to get by without this thing or that thing, then those things aren’t the epicenter. When you find it, you’ll know it. Then focus all your energy on making it the best it can be. Everything else you do depends on that foundation.

Their subtlety also shows in their service. No-nonsense. A really subtle diss to all over-charging and extra-charging competitors is the icing on the cake (click to enlarge the image).

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