So, what’s your zombie invasion?

I overheard a brilliant story while on the train today.

A man was telling his friends he had a thing for scary movies when he was really young. One night, he saw night of the living dead. From that day on, he prepared for zombie invasions.
But thoroughly. Seriously.

He quietly hamstered cans of food from the family basement and hid it in his closet.
He gathered wood to create barriers and make fires.
He bought seeds in case they had to plant new crops.
He even drew a map of the house with the best places to hide, create barriers and defend themselves against a zombie invasion.
And he improvised some weapons, knives from the kitchen and some stakes made of wood.

One day, when his mom was cleaning his room and stumbled upon the piles of wood under his bed. Looking further, she discovered the cans in his cupboard.
She called him to his room and asked for an explanation.
He explained that all was to protect her and the rest of the family in case of a zombie attack.
His mom urged him “You DO know that zombies don’t exist, right?”.
“That’s exactly what they said in the movie, just before the movies came”, his legendary reply was.
And he ended his story with “Every time I go live somewhere, I make sure it’s safe for zombies.
I am always prepared, just in case.”

It might be silly, but what is the irrational thing you are preparing or planning for?

I have been writing down ideas, meeting notes and todos in scattered moleskine books over the last years, preparing for the moment that I would need them (the moment that did never come).
I have spent hours updating and tweaking my CRM system, without ever using it.
I have kept several boxes with childhood drawings in the hope I would ever look at them again (I actually did once, because I dropped the box).

So, what’s your zombie invasion?

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