Tijs Vrolix

Tijs Vrolix by Pitslamp.be
Tijs Vrolix by Pitslamp.be
Why cooler than you? One-man advertising agency: strategist, designer, developer, entrepreneur and service designer in one
Occupation: Strategic Planner at Proximity BBDO
Remarkable fact: Launched more startups in his life than you had sex
Proof: His slidedecks and a bunch of startups

Every advertising agency needs it’s Tijs. A creative technologist who can fuel creatives, can add new technology to the strategy mix and knows his thing about digital stuff.

Furthermore, one of the must-have skills for a great strategic planner is the skill to build compelling, well-designed and worth-sharing presentations. Building a great deck tests your ability to craft storylines, write one-liners and memes and get your thoughts accross. Enter Tijs. He brings this skill to the next level. Whenever you feel over-confident about your powerpoint deck you just created, have a look at his slideshare profile to get your feet back on the ground again.

Even more, he is actively involved in own projects as SeeyooTwistoryTwiddict, Seth SaidSuper Mega Hyper, MetaTale, Relephant, Made by @tijs (which fueled my twitter stream for a while), Kukoo and -one of my favorites- Tweetthrough.

And on top of that, he is a pretty nice guy.

Proximity BBDO Tijsvrolix.be Tijs on Linkedin Tijs on Twitter

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