Tom de Bruyne

Tom de Bruyne at the 2009 SpinAwards
Tom de Bruyne at the 2009 SpinAwards
Why cooler than you? Totally redefining the advertising industry
Occupation: Managing partner / strategy director at Boondoggle Amsterdam
Remarkable fact: Played midfield at the hilarious SC Beernem miniemen soccer team back in 1981.
Proof: Find it at his twitter account @tomdebruyne, on and the website of his agency Boondoggle.

Tom de Bruyne might be the most a-typical guy in advertising. A sucker for geeky stuff, technology, acts of kindness, remarkable corporate culture and Kim Jong Il, he mixes his charm, his digital knowledge and mindfucking skills to be a game changer in advertising.

His a list of 25 remarkable things about the corporate culture of his advertising agency, Boondoggle Amsterdam, might be the best example of his way of thinking.

Boondoggle   Tom on Linkedin   Tom on Twitter

Note: I worked for almost 18 months with Tom at Amsterdam-based advertising agency Boondoggle.

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