“Mobile Marketing Best Practices” for BAQMAR / MOA

[slideshare id=6947425&doc=20110117cmbaqmarmobileslideshare-110216100725-phpapp01] BAQMAR and MOA, the research branche organisations from Belgium and The Netherlands organize an event on mobile marketing in research today: “There is a lot of buzz these days around smart phones, the iPad, branded apps and mobile platforms like Foursquare. Next to that, mobile usage of internet and especially of social media (Facebook, Twitter, …) is on the rise. Rather logic in a time were people are more on the go than ever before. How to react as a marketer and a researcher to this revolution that will soon effect all parts of running our businesses? Learn it during this half day seminar in Antwerp, a joint event of BAQMaR and MOA!

I will join Jo Caudron, Alex Batchelor and AJ Johnson on stage to talk about some mobile marketing/advertising best practices. I will talk about Nike Take Mokum / Take Antwerp, KLM Surprise and IKEA interactive catalogue.

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