‘Fist bump this brand on Facebook’

Rock This (Missing Facebook Icons)
Rock This (Missing Facebook Icons)

Research shows that women tend to ‘like’ more pages, brands and products than men do on Facebook. When I was discussing this this afternoon, my colleagues Fleur D’Haenens and Elias Veris raised an interesting question: Is this because women tend to ‘like’ more things? Or is it because the word ‘like’ (which has an emotional connotation) appeals more to women (who tend to be more sensitive for emotional stimuli) than to men and is therefore more likely to be used by women? 

Facebook is rumored to bring more nuance to the ‘like’ functionality in the near future. I am really curious to see how this influences liking behavior. Would ‘fist bump this brand on Facebook’ have more men use the liking functionality?

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