First #worlddomination, then a bar

At the annual InSites Consulting internal conference (#iscon), keynote speaker Jean Philip de Tender asked the audience a very simple question: “What is your biggest dream?”.

I was sitting next to Tom de Ruyck, one of the most talented guys I know and InSites Consulting’s research community genius. He answered he would like to open a bed & breakfast in the Flemish Ardennes. After reaching #worlddomination that is.

I, myself would love to open a bar. After reaching #worlddomination that is.

And many of my friends have similar dreams.

It’s the notion that a lot of young and talented people are currently working their asses off. To get recognition. To earn money. To build a reputation. To reach #worlddomination.

And these same people actually know that one day they want to stop doing that. Not when they’re 65. Maybe when they’re 40. Or 50. But they certainly dream of a second start, a kind of second life after their #worlddomination-fueled life.

I think this is pretty intriguing,

Does that mean we don’t actually like what we are doing now?
Does that mean we have to find new balance in our current jobs?
Is it just a balance for all stress and technology they’re experiencing now?

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  1. Goede vraag!

    Ik wil gewoon alles tegelijk. Ik wil #worlddomination en tegelijkertijd in m’n hemdje en korte broek in de achtertuin zitten in de zon. Twitteren met slimme mensen, blogposts schrijven, maar ook een tof congres organiseren en met mooie merken werken.

    Mijn realiteit is: offertes de deur uit doen in hemd-en-korte broek, teleconferenties over dat congres voeren vanaf het strand. Blogposts schrijven terwijl m’n zoontje naast me zit te kleuren.

    Ik wil alles tegelijk. En ik blijf erbij: dat kan wÊl! 🙂

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