The importance of application update information

“There’s an app for that”.

We live in an over-appified world. There’s an app for pretty much everything and it was never easier to install apps on different devices, from phone to computer, from tablet to music device. That means many installed apps aren’t used after installation, or at least not as often as the developers or brands would like.

With so many installed apps, it’s important to stand out. Not only in adding value as an application, but in every small interaction you have with your consumers. Standing out in actually building a relationship. In the information and screenshots you provide in the App Store. In the ease of making a new profile. And … in application updates. See my earlier post on what application developers can learn from Sergey Bubka on how small increments can help build a ranhe.

Another way to exceed expectations is in application updates is update information. Every time an app sends an update via the App Store, developers are requested to add a small line of text. See a recent screenshot I took; all functional copy, where only Reeder uses a smart mention of their website for more information.
Using app update info as a decent touchpoint: some do better than others ;)

How can you leverage this to stand out as an app/brand? It might be a possibility to highlight a specific user. To add compelling copy (see the Skittles facebook page for some great examples). To add a link to an activation page or special landing page.

Let’s take application updates from functional to relational and emotional.

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