I’m speaking at #fusionmex … but now what?

I’m really excited to be speaking at #fusionmex in Antwerp this friday. Consider it your annual dose of social media and content marketing buzzwords or just a pretty comfortable gettogether with international topspeakers like Bryan Eisenberg, Lee Odden and Olivier Blanchard. Any way, let me know what you would like to hear (and either hear it live or see the slidedeck later).

On the #fusionmex site, I am introduced to be talking about KLM’s social business case. I could talk about KLM Surprise (soooo 2010), about acts not ads, about change management, about gradual engagement, about Meet & Seat and loads of other (bullshitbingofied) subjects. I could do my standard presentation but might as well involve you guys. What would you like to hear?

Laziness, co-creation and consumer-centricity sometimes coincide … so … what would you like to hear? Let me know via twitter, facebook or the comments below.

[slideshare id=12762121&doc=20120504fusionmex-120501143244-phpapp01]

P.S. No, I don’t have shares in #fusionmex. I just think J-P and his team did an awesome job.

  1. Gerard replied via Slideshare: “hi Polle, good question!
    Although the story on #conversion2012 was good, i’d like to hear something new :-D.
    Maybe this friday
    you could (in general) tell your opinion about the hospitality
    – what are failures
    – where are oportunities in 2012?
    Can we learn from another industry, f.e. KLM? They also had/have a lot
    of third party companies who are selling their tickets, like in our
    business where booking.com hotels.com, couvertz.nl, etc. are selling our
    tables and beds, and are producing more and more.
    We’d like to sell without those third parties just to save cost and
    invest this in our guests.
    Is there a short and long term advise you can give the audience at

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