Autoreply: Freitag enjoys the last sip of their dry martini before shipping

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They’re arguably the worst thing that ever happened to mankind – auto replies. Join my fight to get rid of unremarkable out-of-office replies and other auto replies. To help, I’ve collected some great positive exceptions, starting with the one below. Let’s turn automatic into automagic.

Hey there,

In our comfy Freitag office-lounge, our beloved gramophone stands beside the heavy leather sofas, where we sit and try to look intelligent, and right next too them sits our 70-inch news-ticker screen. The arrival of your order was just displayed on it in amazing ultra-HD quality. We’ve had a look at your order and want to raise our glasses in homage to your excellent choice.

Now, we’re just enjoying the last sip of our dry martinis to the sound of “Papa’s got a brand new bag” and are about to arrange all the necessary elements for shipping your order.

As soon as the paperwork is ready and your product has been shipped to lovely [city]. we will let you know by email.

Untill then, we send you debonair greetings and many thanks.

Your Freitag auto-reply service in Zurich.

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