404: SUE asks: did a fluffy koala die, because you came here?

Oops, something went wrong
Oops, something went wrong
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Oops, something went wrong

SUE Behavioural Design is a remarkable agency and academy based in Amsterdam. At SUE, they are specialised in the science of influence and how to translate this know-how into tangible strategies and ideas that will shape decisions and nudge behaviour.

And it goes without saying that that means that they 404 error pages are also quite remarkable and nudgy 😉 Full text below:

Oops, Something went wrong

Ok, you have hit the 404 page. The error page. But what’s an error? Did a fluffy koala die, because you came here? No! Did you break the Internet? No! To err is human a wise man – or woman- once said. So, at least now we know for sure that you are human. Hello human! Are you a nice human? Do you treat your neighbour well? Are you good looking? Yes? Are you single? It gets quite lonely here on the 404 you know. Do you want some action? Oh…you just want to go back to the homepage. Fine! There is a button below. Go ahead and hit it. Don’t worry about me. I’ll go on and be nice to all the other f*ck-ups who hit the 404. That’s just me, code with a grudge. I can be erased, so don’t worry I won’t step over the line and call YOU an f*ck-up. Tom and Astrid would kill me. So, you can just go back to the homepage, no probs. Bye now. It was nice meeting you! I think you better go now. Go now. Go now.

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