I was stupid enough to fall in love with a Flemish girl. And so I’m leaving Boondoggle for InSites Consulting.

Note: Marieke and I got divorced in 2020. This post might not reflect the current situation.

Last week, I announced (check mailing) leaving advertising agency Boondoggle for research/consultant firm InSites Consulting.

Yep, I was stupid enough to fall in love with a Flemish girl.

It has been an epic year. At Boondoggle, we won a Gold Spinaward for best online campaign in The Netherlands (using a lean mean conversion machine), we made Amsterdam run unleashed, we mobilised an army of football obsessed teens and celebrated stuff worth sharing. And the team is only warming up. Read 25 things about Boondoggle Amsterdam to get a glimpse of things to come.

And it will be an epic year. From November 1st, I will join InSites Consulting as a marketing consultant. I will try to put some awesomeness in research and some research into digital and brand awesomeness. To make things happen, I will support the existingBrand & Communication and Youth & Trends teams and will join The Conversationmanager’s Steven van Belleghem to help organizations get ready for the conversation age. Pretty exciting.

Oh, and about the Flemish girl part. This is her. And we’re moving in together. Oh yes, I feel lucky.

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