Scribd lets you pay in content

Recently, I stumbled upon a recent feature of document sharing platform Scribd: pay in content. As an alternative to pay for access on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, visitors are asked to pay in content, by uploading a document. An interesting alternative for both Scribd (increasing their content volume) and consumers (no financial compensation).

New? No. Bulletin boards have long had similar models where people were asked to upload content in exchange for the access to download content. But it’s an interesting development that more and more companies start to look for alternative payment methods, whether it is in content exchange, reputation, micro-payments or conversations.

Scribd lets you pay in content

Another smart feature is leveraging the default option: the monthly subscription plan is highlighted and is the default option for consumers, leading to more conversion and thus making in the most popular option.

Other great examples of companies that let you pay in content? Please let me know.

Rewarding conversations

Other alternative: rewarding conversations

Consumers connect their twitter and/or Facebook account to the Incubate festival website and instantly start earning credits for sharing content (which they can redeem for items in the Incubate store).

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