Best practice: Colruyt helps you save by saving on paint for parking spots

Colruyt parking
Colruyt parking

Saving cost as a company helps save cost as a customer.


How to prove cost-conscious beliefs as a brand.


Save cost by using less paint in their parking lots.

  • Cost reduction
  • Brand attribution
Colruyt parking

Colruyt is a no-frills supermarket chain in Belgium that takes great pride in being responsible about cost. Because -as they argue- if they can save on cost as a company, that will lower their overhead costs and will allow them to offer products at a lower price than their competitors.

Colruyt is not only remarkable well in doing this – their prices are indeed lower than many of their competitors, but they are also doing a great job in communicating this to their customers. They use smart and easy to remember stories worth sharing like the one with the coin locks on their shopping carts I posted about a few days ago. Another story is on how they use 2 or 3, rather than 4 lines to mark the parking spots in their parking lots, thus saving paint.

The premise is (again) really easy – by using less paints they save money. This money can be used to lower prices. You, as a customer benefit from these lower prices. To what extent saving a few euros on paint really makes a difference on a daily basis is arguable. And although (again) cost reduction might not be massive, especially over a longer period of time, it is a story that is very easy to understand and share.

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