Wrong in so many ways done right: Akzo Nobel CEO Hans Wijers goodbye movie

Making a ‘funny movie’ when your CEO is leaving is wrong in so many ways. You can imagine how some old, disconnected guy with no camera skills whatsoever is forced to say scripted ‘funny’ stuff, while some randomly selected and extremely nervous employees utter some random Engrish words to support some feel-good ending. Finally, one of the companies’ social media evangelists releases it on the interwebs to go ‘viral’.

Akzo Nobel CEO Hans Wijers is leaving: John and Tim Not with this one. This video is actually pretty good.

Akzo Nobel CEO Hans Wijers’ last day at the office is full of self-ridicule, taking the piss out of the communications department and playing to Wijer’s strengths. My dear friend John McLaren is hilarious as himself and there are some smart references to The Office, Steve Jobs and other popular culture elements. It is also a smart way to slowly introduce new CEO Ton Büchner.

Sit back and enjoy.

Only thing that would make it even better for me is some form of engagement. There is no way to wish Wijers good luck or welcome the new CEO.

But, for a company like Akzo Nobel, which isn’t the coolest hippest kid on the online communications block, this is really really good. I hope this will be one of the small projects that will show employees and management that social kan actually benefit the company. Can’t wait to see more.
Guys, keep up the good work.

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  1. Someone should question Hans Wijers’ role in so many Dutch people (and people all over the world) who lost their jobs after he sold OBS to Schering Plough. Especially after he mischiveously led all the OBS employees that his intentions were not the sale of the company. And he doesn’t look as if he cared at all! Shame on you, Hans Wijers!

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